Patrol Rifle Extended Range Precision Course


Patrol Carbine Extended Range Precision Course is a 20-hour basic to intermediate stage performance carbine marksmanship course designed to develop Law Enforcement Officer’s critical and necessary skillsets to place accurate shots with their assigned duty carbine at various distances in a combination of their daily operating environment. Officers will be exposed to various shooting base […]

Night Vision Operator Close Quarters Combat Course (Open to Civilians)

The Night Vision Carbine Precision Course is designed to enhance current night vision equipment manipulation skills and IR laser precision shot placement with their carbine. Vetted civilians and personnel will develop new skills and knowledge on proper carbine and equipment set up with IR lasers, goggles, tac-lights, NVG and IR laser manipulation techniques, precision carbine […]


Urban Threat Close Quarters Combat Course

Urban Threat Close Quarters Combat Course designed to teach principles and fundamentals of Close Quarters Combat to Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Students will develop critical skill sets necessary to efficiently execute Close Quarters Combat/Initiative Based Tactics movement techniques. Instruction will be a building platform of learning critical principles, fundamentals, and efficiency techniques for both […]


Vehicle Threat and Maneuver Course

Tactical Options’ Vehicle Threat and Maneuver Course is a 20-hour training program designed to enhance a Law Enforcement Officer, Military Personnel, or experienced Civilian’s capability to execute when faced with an immediate threat in a vehicle confined space, exiting, to the movement of alternate vehicle positions. Skillsets and motor skills are enhanced in series of […]

Tactical Light Critical Precision Carbine / Pistol Course

This 16-hour program is designed to develop skillsets on manipulating using tactical lights mounted on carbines and pistols, and conduct precision shot applications in the dark. Students will progress through a series of marksmanship building blocks, speed and accuracy drills, and tactical shooting concepts with both their pistol and carbine. Noise and light discipline techniques […]

Train-the-Trainer Weapons Precision Course

The Train-the-Trainer Weapons Precision Course is a 30-hour is designed for members of the Law Enforcement community that teach marksmanship and tactical shooting within their department/agency. Instructors and trainers will learn how to be more effective in defining carbine and pistol fundamentals and drills that enhance individual fundamental weapon capability. Trainers will be more capable […]

Train-the-Trainer Close Quarters Battle Course

Train-the-Trainer Close Quarter Battle Course is a 30-hour program designed to develop instructor capabilities to Law Enforcement training elements or military personnel in leadership roles when training CQB. Students will be instructed on understanding and being able to communicate critical CQB principles, fundamentals, and efficiency techniques. Students will leave with a better comprehensive teaching base […]