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Pistol Red Dot Instructor Train the Trainer Course

April 27, 2022 - April 28, 2022


Tactical Options Pistol Red Dot Sight Train the Trainer Course is a 20-hour program designed to enhance the instructor’s knowledge and capability to train Officers on pistol-mounted Red Dot Sights (RDS). RDS systems are evolving as more common in practice within Law Enforcement duty pistol setups. Officers training will learn how to effectively utilize the optic system on correct principle training paths and fundamental application in order to accomplish precision accurate firing capabilities. 

Instructors will receive critical skills and knowledge through comprehensive building blocks of instructions and performance on a mounted pistol RDS. Therefore, shortcutting trials and errors of impractical and/or incorrect teaching methodologies and performance stages may limit or hurt the officer being trainer on the application of a mounted RDS system. These concepts are crucial in training officers on mounting, care, and maintenance of RDS systems, the efficient economy of motion techniques for sight acquisition and sight tracking during stress courses of fire, enhanced pistol fundamental application, and increase readiness status. This program will prepare the instructor to have a more successful teaching apparatus to build and develop their fellow officers to reach the critical standards and department desired end state. Instructors will have to pass the final shooting stages in order to complete this course. NOTE: Law Enforcement and Military Only

* Hosted by Oregon County Sheriff’s Department, MO

2-Day Course Objectives:

  • RDS familiarization on technology, mounting, cleaning and care, optics adjustment buttons, weather and lighting considerations
  • RDS and iron sight selection pairing considerations for department selection: pro’s vs cons of various optics and RDS MOA size/budget vs proven reliability and durability
  • Pistol RDS duty holster selection and department considerations
  • Pistol RDS SOP development for department usage, care, and maintenance 
  • Pistol RDS zero targets, zeroing distance, and individual zero-confirmation distance 
  • Correct instructor technical verbiage and terminology, definition and terms
  • Enhanced RDS fundamental application and principle training path at various distances
  • Sight tracking methods during presentation and cadence fire at various distances
  • Target assessment and shot placement under stress at various distances and stages
  • Multi-target engagement at various target formations, depths, and angles
  • Mechanics end efficient economy of motion of pistol speed reload and tac-mag reloads
  • Pistol manipulation techniques on with a pistol with and pistol mounted RDS on malfunction clearance procedures combined with recovery for rapid target engagement
  • Failed pistol mounted RDS to iron sight transition, sight acquisition, and precision target engagement
  • Moving and shooting/shooting while moving at different angels and depths
  • Barricade occupation during threat engagements, clearance procedures, and pistol sight clearance awareness when breaking plains of cover or clearing unknown sectors
  • Instructor target selection for progressive training blocks, stress drills, and recommended department pistol mounted RDS qualifications.

Round Count:

  • 800 training pistol rounds per student
  • 50 duty pistol rounds per student



Packing List: 

  • Duty pistol with mounted RDS system: Approved or pistol RDS that is in current T&E
  • Spare batteries for pistol RDS (none will be provided)
  • Minimal of 5 pistol magazines (will shorten reload times during active courses of fire)
  • Duty belt, tac-belt, or concealment holsters (SERPA or stiff leather unauthorized) 
  • Department approved soft body armor and/or tac-vest 
  • Range training uniform 
  • Ballistic tinted and clear eye protection
  • Hearing protection (noise-canceling recommended)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Note-taking material (you will record your data)
  • Weapons cleaning kit with lubricant (have Q-tips, optics mounting tools, lens wipes)
  • Water and snacks
  • Lunch (optional as an hour lunch break will be provided)
  • Sunscreen
  • Wet weather clothing (check the weather) 

Note: Contact instructor on any questions you may have about additional items not listed or not listed 


April 27, 2022
April 28, 2022
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Jonas Polson
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