Tactical Options is dedicated to fulfilling the training needs of all entities. There is a range of course options to maximize your experience in order to meet your personal or group goals. If necessary, we will work out a combination of training scenarios with a series of highly experienced partners in the industry to add to your overall value. Please contact us to discuss your private training needs and to find out pricing.


  • Customized marksmanship or culmination marksmanship training exercises
  • Customized SWAT training weeks: contact for information on adding breaching, urban rope tactical applications, vehicles, HR/Crisis custom training, multi-level assaults, and incorporating mission assets during training week.
  • Aerial Marksmanship – Target Interdiction, Helicopter Rope Insertion, and helicopter training contingencies to be applied in tactical operations.

Civilian and Life Experiences

The following have been arranged for individuals, family (18 years and older), vetted friend groups, and/or business groups:

  • Marksmanship personal one-on-one, small groups of no more than 8 people to share costs. Contact for rate. Quotes include all travel expenses.
  • Culmination life experiences on marksmanship, mobility driving, NVG training, jungle canyoneering/rope access work both urban or rural, or helicopter target marksmanship/helicopter hog hunts.

NOTE: Culmination training events can range from 1-10 days and may require you to travel that you will be responsible for to include expenses.