LE/MIL Training

Law Enforcement/Military training courses deliver current and advanced training methodologies and capabilities on marksmanship and firearms training, tactics, and other matters restricted to law enforcement, military, and sectors of government. Our comprehensive training encompasses challenging building blocks, real-world experiences and principles, and matters of stress underperformance or mentality. The desired endstate is for first responders to be ready and capable for tomorrow’s unknowns when operating individually or collectively.

Civilian and Open Enrollment Training

Civilians have the right to exercise their EDC in the event of defense. Students will learn through series a progressive building blocks on the critical and crucial requirements on why and how to accurately place shots, develop advanced and confident weapon manipulation skills, be more effective on achieving goals under mental and physical stress, and developing a capability on how to analyze and deliver the correct execution though performance and decisions.

Personal Customized Training / Private Venues

Tactical Options is dedicated to fulfilling the training needs of all entities. There is a range of course options to maximize your experience in order to meet your personal or group goals. If necessary, we will work out a combination of training scenarios with a series of highly experienced partners in the industry to add to your overall value. Please contact us to discuss your private training needs and to find out pricing.

What Can You Expect?

In short, training is designed through various principle training paths to meets the ability to advance on readiness and given the capability to face deadly situations. Within that there are building platforms that are critical in generating a solid execution base and skillsets. Regardless of an individual or team, we provide the tools and critical building blocks that are crucial in achieving and winning.

  • Competent and experienced former SOF instructors who care about you and will advance you
  • Knowledge on real world practical applications and how to be ready for various threat contingencies
  • Skills and practices to overcome your weaknesses
  • Correct execution practices, disciplines, and standards
  • Advancement on your mentality to be capable of executing critical thinking stages under stress
  • Individual professional growth and team building
  • Holding yourself accountable to a high standard and understanding the how’s and why’s are crucial and critical in achieving success

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