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Vehicle Threat and Maneuver Course

January 1, 2021


This 20-hour performance course is designed for the vetted civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel to enhance critical defensive capabilities while operating in or outside a vehicle and have a concealed carbine platform in place. Student’s capabilities enhance by mental readiness and confident safe carbine manipulation skills. Students will be taught vehicle carbine concealment options, execute carbine employment and engagement of targets while inside or outside of vehicles.

Skillsets and motor skills are developed through a series of progressive stages for the individual to understand necessary methods to rapidly move in, out, and around vehicles, while placing accurate fire, effectively clear unknown areas and vehicle dead space while utilizing cover to their advantage, apply split-second decisions on placement of shots to immediately stop threats, and determining routes of exit. Students will develop knowledge of critical baseline principles and procedural flows from individual to buddy team maneuvers drills while using vehicles as barricades, cover, and maneuver points.

This class is a physical performance class that requires mental alertness during physical stress. Prior carbine shooting experience is required and enrolled students be required to show proof of training prior to the approval of attendance. Students who show unsafe carbine handling skills or cannot place accurate shots may not be allowed to participate in certain drills.

This 2-day training program includes:

  • Mindset on everyday carry and defense readiness
  • Overview of carbine fundamentals and precision shot application
  • Safe carbine carry and manipulation techniques
  • Carbine speed reloads and pistol plus up procedures
  • Concealed carbine bag concealed and carry weapon presentation and target engagements
  • Equipment vehicle set up with concealed carbine options, essential equipment SOP development, and employment techniques
  • Vehicle engagement methodologies
  • Barricade/vehicle shooting positions and engagement methods: rollover prone, bend-over prone, kneeling, crouching, confined space fundamental application
  • Exterior vehicle clearing procedures: movement and clearance techniques, threat identification, and reductions methods
  • Vehicle interior carbine manipulation and presentation to target techniques, body manipulation techniques, and opposing angles of threat engagements while positioning in different seats of the car
  • Multiple target acquisition and target reduction methods
  • Ballistic impacts on glass and vehicle body penetration familiarization: offensive vs defensive/strong points vs weak points of a vehicle
  • Engagement methods on high-percentage vs low-percentage targets while in defensive positions, clearing vehicles, or engagement to targets on opposing vehicles at distances
  • Vehicular / area exit maneuvers and counter-engagement techniques
  • Various vehicle safe carbine maneuver stress drills
  • Single, two-man multi-maneuver drills, communication, and procedural flows
  • Weapons malfunctions drills, clearance procedures, and target engagement follow-through
  • 3-dimensional threat criteria and problem-solving

Round Count:

  • 700 Carbine Rounds

Required Equipment:

  • Working semi-automatic carbine 5.56 / .223, .300 BLK, 7.62 with sling (SBR, AR Pistol, carbines with folders authorized)
  • Sight system: Iron sights, RDS, Holographic, Reflex, etc.
  • Minimal two carbine magazine carrier on belt, gun belt, or chest carrier system
  • Ear and eye protection (recommend noise-canceling headsets. Bring clear lenses for cloudy / weather days)
  • Clear and tinted wrap around ballistic eye protection
  • Chest rig, body armor, or tactical vest carrier (optional)
  • 5 functional carbine magazines
  • Spare batteries for carbine optics (recommend spare batteries are brought. none will be provided)
  • Weapon lubricant and cleaning kit
  • Water and snacks
  • Range training clothing. Check the weather and bring proper gear
  • Shooting gloves
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • Weapon cleaning kit/lubricant
  • Folding chair (optional)
  • Water, snacks, and/or bag lunch




January 1, 2021
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Jonas Polson
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