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Night Vision Operator Close Quarters Combat Course (Open to Civilians)

December 19, 2020 @ 12:00 am UTC+0


The Night Vision Carbine Precision Course is designed to enhance current night vision equipment manipulation skills and IR laser precision shot placement with their carbine. Vetted civilians and personnel will develop new skills and knowledge on proper carbine and equipment set up with IR lasers, goggles, tac-lights, NVG and IR laser manipulation techniques, precision carbine shot application at various distances, efficient various body positions for stabilization, safe carbine manipulation methods under darkness, and various speed and accuracy drills with their IR laser and NVG goggles.

This course will require proof of prior training or skillsets to be allowed to participate. During periods of darkness and operating under NVGs, unsafe weapon handling will not be tolerated.

This 10-hour / 1-day program includes:

  • NVG mounting configurations, helmet set-up, inspection and care, storage and transportation, environmental usage, and contingency considerations
  • Overview of NVG models and image intensifier projections: how it works and why
  • Contingency thought process on kit set up: principle/sop vs shooter solution
  • Safe carbine handling skills during low-light and no-light
  • IR laser mounting, various zero methods, and laser dial manipulation and hand control methods
  • Carbine shot fundamental application, IR laser hold-off familiarization, and weapon mechanics / motor-skills development
  • Various safe carbine carry configurations
  • Precision shot accuracy drills at known distances: understanding proper sight pictures and hold-offs with IR laser, trigger manipulation, support arm control methods, proper muscular tension holds for recoil management purposes
  • Cadence fire with support arm and core recoil management development
  • Moving and shooting and support arm control methods for carbine
  • Barricade occupation and clearance techniques
  • Target transition / multi-target engagement methods
  • Speed reload techniques / tac-mag reloads, and equipment management in darkness
  • Various correct body positions determined by assessment and distance to target


Required Equipment:

  • 500 carbine rounds
  • Functioning carbine AR system
  • Working Night Vision Goggle: single monocular or BNVG
  • Helmet / NVG head harness with NVG flip mount
  • IR laser system with adjustment dials and IR floodlight: ATPIAL, NGAL, DBAL, MAWL_DA/C1, etc.
  • Lens wipes and q-tips (none will be provided to clean your IR laser / NVG lenses if getting dirty or wet)
  • Clear and tinted lenses eye protection (must have clear lenses for night training block)
  • Hearing protection (electronic noise canceling most recommended)
  • Carbine sling: two-point or single-point
  • Carbine belt magazine carrier or gun / tac-belt (must be able to hold a minimum of two carbine magazines)
  • Carbine magazine chest rig, Armor carrier (optional)
  • 5 functional carbine magazines
  • Spare batteries for NVG, IR laser, and mounted optics (recommend lithium spare batteries are brought. None will be provided)
  • Weapon lubricant and cleaning kit
  • Folding or camping chair (optional)
  • Water and snacks
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • 2 green chem light/glow sticks
  • Motivation and determination

COST:  $375


December 19, 2020
12:00 am UTC+0
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Jonas Polson
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