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Patrol Rifle Extended Range Precision Course

January 1, 2020

Patrol Carbine Extended Range Precision Course is a 20-hour basic to intermediate stage performance carbine marksmanship course designed to develop Law Enforcement Officer’s critical and necessary skillsets to place accurate shots with their assigned duty carbine at various distances in a combination of their daily operating environment. Officers will be exposed to various shooting base platforms of barricades, buildings, and vehicles to understand proper points of contact and techniques for stabilization and control, assessment of distance and holdoffs, cover vs no cover, and developing the confidence with their assigned carbine and set up to rapidly employ and place accurate distance shots with a series of contingency requirements based off the threat variable.

** This program may vary based on distance allowed on range and authorizations, training aids on-site, and surrounding natural terrain/training environment.

This 2-day program includes:

  • Expeditionary mindset development: proactive vs reactive upon immediate threat/s and analyzing your daily environment of responsibility.
  • Contingency though process on body armor and kit set up: principle/sop vs shooter solution
  • Carbine safe handling skills during stress
  • Zero of all weapon sight systems
  • Weapon fundamental application and weapon mechanics / motor-skills development
  • Various carbine carry and sling configurations for tightening body positions and minimizing movement that can impact fundamentals
  • Grouping drills at known distances: understanding proper sight pictures and hold-offs, trigger manipulation, support arm control methods, proper muscular tension holds for recoil management purposes
  • Precision shot accuracy drills focused on low percentage shots ranging from 50 – 300 yards.
  • POA / POI analysis when carbine is canted in various body or cover positions
  • External, internal, and terminal ballistics at various distances: knowing your bullet drop and offsets at extended ranges
  • Moving and shooting and support arm control methods
  • Barricade occupation and carbine fundamental application while using barricade for points of contact
  • Multi-threat engagement methods at various distances with low and high percentage shot placement
  • Speed reload techniques/tac-mag reloads and threat follow-through
  • Stress drills demanding various hold offs and movements to other positions with different analysis and engagement criteria
  • Various body positions determined by assessment and situation while using buildings, trees, terrain, and vehicles to the officer’s advantage (dependent on range and training location)
  • Hostage target engagements or threat engagements while the threat is in a cover position
  • Carbine weapon malfunction clearance procedures and threat follow-through
  • Three-dimensional thought application and threat engagement process
  • Critical task evaluation development: speed and accuracy stress drills
  • Focal cognitive drills
  • Post threat engagement procedures


Required Equipment:

  • Duty or authorized carbine with sling (2-point adjustable sling most recommended)
  • Optics: iron mounted sights, Red Dot Sight, 3x or 4x, LPVO, or RDS with Magnification Flip Mount (magnification is optional. we will work with the individual if they do not have magnification)
  • Clear tinted and clear ballistic eye protection
  • Hearing protection (noise canceling, earplugs, earmuffs, etc.)
  • Body armor/shooters kit with magazine carriers or chest rack system (what you carry while on duty)
  • 5 carbine magazines
  • Extra optic batteries if carbine has mounted holographic (recommend as none will be provided)
  • Weapon lubricant and cleaning kit
  • Knee or elbow pads (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Water, snacks
  • Proper weather gear during seasons and rain
  • Note taking material to record data of your ballistics and POA/POI during grouping drills
  • Folding chair (optional)
  • Shooters mat (optional)
  • Bag or platform to place carbine on group while in the prone during grouping drills
  • Proper clothing attire for range training and weather

Round Count:

  • 800 Carbine Rounds

COST:  $600


January 1, 2020
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United States


Jonas Polson
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