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Train-the-Trainer Weapons Precision Course

January 1, 2021

The Train-the-Trainer Weapons Precision Course is a 30-hour is designed for members of the Law Enforcement community that teach marksmanship and tactical shooting within their department/agency. Instructors and trainers will learn how to be more effective in defining carbine and pistol fundamentals and drills that enhance individual fundamental weapon capability. Trainers will be more capable of teaching, coaching, and mentoring an officer on how to be more deliberate, confident, and aggressive with their weapon systems.

The instructor/trainer will learn proper verbiage, terminology, and definition of threat variables and how they pertain to shot accuracy in order to end deadly situations immediately an officer may encounter. Progressive stages will develop the instructor to know how to build individual capabilities, develop realistic critical task evaluations and shooting performance standards, development, and understanding how to teach various principle training paths. Instructors/trainers will learn advanced speed and accuracy tactical shooting drills with various training methodologies and how to advance their officers when conducting marksmanship training.

* Contact for customized marksmanship shooting programs, low-light / no-light marksmanship, marksmanship powerpoint classes to be used as visual aids during training, or instructor pamphlet guides with numerous shooting drills and standards that can be used on the range during training.

Training Objectives:

  • Expeditionary mindset development: proactive vs reactive upon immediate threat/s
  • Review of deadly use of force laws and supreme court cases authorizing deadly use of force and how the examples need to be brought into training
  • The thought process on body armor and kit set up: principle/sop vs shooter solution
  • Pistol and carbine safe handling skills and safety manipulation
  • Pistol and carbine fundamental application and weapon mechanical skillset development. Drills that enforce precision shooting and exercise motor skills
  • Weapon transition and threat follow through reduction methods
  • Precision shot accuracy drills for both pistol and carbine
  • Jams, malfunctions, and misfire clearance procedures and stress drills
  • Expedient weapon presentation, sight acquisition, muscular tension points, recoil management lateral/oblique angle moving and shooting. How to manage your body during stress
  • Barricade shooting and clearance methods: how it applies to everyday operations of response, how to approach and utilize the environment to your advantage, and fundamental contact points to increase accuracy during stress
  • Target transition/multi-threat engagement drills: make the shooter more advanced on their trigger manipulation, sight tracking, thought process, and driving the weapon to each target at increased speed and performance
  • Magazine speed reloads/tac-mag reloads and threat follow-through: tactical loadout and management of kit and magazines
  • Various body positions: where and why to apply, fundamental and weapon manipulation, and modified body positions
  • Weapon malfunction clearance procedures and threat reduction follow-through
  • Weapon manipulation techniques
  • Single hand pistol fire, single hand speed reload techniques, and malfunction clearance techniques
  • Multi-round firing orders and shot cadence on various distances
  • Three-dimensional thought application, maneuver/cover determination, and threat engagement process
  • Target discrimination drills and cognitive development on rapid analysis and decisions on execution
  • Critical task evaluation development
  • Carbine 50y – 200y grouping: body positions, round trajectory and velocity, and weapon sight hold off / point of aim point of impact (range permittable)
  • Buddy team maneuvers and casualty movement stress drills
  • Buddy team movement procedural flows from cover position to cover position: individual duties and responsibilities, communication and proper verbiage, sector assessment


Required Equipment:

  • Duty carbine weapon system with sling
  • Duty pistol weapon system
  • Ballistic eye and ear protection
  • Duty belt/tac belt with a pistol holster
  • Body armor carrier system/shooters kit
  • Ballistic helmet
  • Carbine magazine and pistol pouches (must be able to carry 3 magazines of each type)
  • 5 carbine and 5 pistol magazines
  • Spare batteries for all optics and tac-lights
  • Snacks and water
  • Folding chair (optional)
  • Weapon cleaning kit and lubricant


Round Count:

900 Carbine and 700 Pistol


Jonas Polson
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