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Tactical Light Critical Precision Carbine / Pistol Course

January 1, 2021

This 16-hour program is designed to develop skillsets on manipulating using tactical lights mounted on carbines and pistols, and conduct precision shot applications in the dark. Students will progress through a series of marksmanship building blocks, speed and accuracy drills, and tactical shooting concepts with both their pistol and carbine.

Noise and light discipline techniques throughout the training will help officers on how to use the darkness as an advantage and working their platform systems on scanning, identifying threats, and controlling their environment. These practices will increase accountability/awareness and confidence to be able to operate in the darkness, identify threats, and apply the correct methods if faced with a deadly situation. 

* Times may vary based upon indoor/outdoor training location and times of darkness during seasons of the years.

Training Objectives:

  • Mindset development while moving in the unknown during darkness
  • Weapon and kit set up, tactical light mounting and care
  • Pistol and carbine fundamental application
  • Various precision shooting drills while operating tactical light
  • Scanning and identification techniques: noise and light discipline methods
  • Movement techniques: hasty movement vs deliberate movement and approach
  • Multi-target engagement: threat and non-threat identification
  • Weapon transition and threat follow-through
  • Speed, movement, and stress drills during periods of darkness
  • Buddy-team movement stress drills and communication methods
  • Barricade occupation and clearance techniques with white light. Close approaches vs offset approach and clearance procedures
  • Various body and cover positions while using tactical light: pro’s and con’s on body position with a signature of the tactical light
  • Motor skills/body mechanics on speed reloads, tac-mag reloads, and load management in the dark

Required Equipment:

  • 500 carbine and 500 pistol rounds
  • Duty carbine with sling and pistol system
  • Mounted tactical lights for both pistol and carbine
  • Spare batteries for tactical lights and optics
  • Tactical vest carrier, active shooter kit, or duty armor
  • Gun belt with a holster for pistol (no SERPA holsters allowed)
  • 5 carbine and 5 pistol magazines
  • Headlamp with spare batteries
  • 3 green chemlights/glow sticks
  • Training uniform
  • Snacks/water
  • Cold weather gear (check weather)
  • Tinted and clear ballistic eye protection
  • Gloves, knee and elbow pads (optional)


Jonas Polson
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